It’s a question I’m occasionally asked – where can you get a roast dinner not on a Sunday. Sometimes I’ve even had people asking where they can get a SUNDAY roast during the week. You’d have thought the clue would be in the name.

There are very limited options if you want a roast dinner on a different day to a Sunday. Thankfully, Lord Gravy – probably London’s number one roast dinner expert, can advise a few.

The first place to note temporarily closed during covid and hasn’t re-opened yet, despite it being 2023 and that even the WHO have downgraded to advising that you only need to wear one mask at a time.

Clearly this isn’t a great start to this post – however, Simpsons In The Strand used to serve a beef roast dinner every day – at quite a high price and possibly not somewhere to turn up in hotpants. It’s owned by the Fairmont group of hotels who advised me a while back that it is re-opening in 2023. So do keep an eye out.

Slightly twisting the rules of what a roast dinner is, is Rules near Covent Garden.

Instagram post showing the roast at Rules Restaurant

It’s a sharing plate, so there needs to be 2 of you, and it doesn’t come with roast potatoes – but Dauphinoise instead.

I’ve not yet been, but there will be a time when someone selfishly expects me to go somewhere on a Sunday for their birthday, that I’ve already reviewed – so this is in the list of back-up plans. Expensive back-up plans, alas, currently priced at £47.50 per person.

Likewise, I’ve not yet been to No Fifty Cheyne, in Chelsea, but I’ve clocked that they do a Saturday roast.

Roast Dinner Not On A Sunday At Roast

Where you definitely can get a fully-functioning roast dinner every day is at a restaurant named after my dreams and desires, Roast, in Borough Market.

It’s pricey, I paid £36.50 back in October 2022, but it scored a commendable 7.35 out of 10 when I reviewed it.

Roast dinner at Roast, Borough Market

If you are brave enough, you could try venturing to one of the scary parts of “London”, like Romford or Croydon, to try a Toby Carvery.

If you are a tourist reading this, then, brace yourselves – Toby Carvery is a cheap fill your plate up kinda place – and if you are in any way snobbish about food, drink, people, décor or menu fonts, then you are going to be triggered.

I went to the one in Snaresbrook, for a Halloween special a couple of years back – and, yes, some of it was frightening, the meat in particular was basic and the vegetables all miserable – but the gravy was thick (and unlimited), plus they served one of the best Yorkshire puddings around. And for just £8.49 on a Thursday night.

Roast dinner at Toby Carvery

There is one more option – but again it isn’t so straight-forward, and that is The Great Chase on the Clerkenwell/Islington border, who also do a Saturday roast.

However – it is an alcohol-free restaurant. I can cope, but maybe you should set your expectations – plus apparently they don’t do roasts during Ramadan. I haven’t been yet, but will do eventually – their roasts look the part, as much as you can trust an Instagram self-marketing post anyway.

Bank Holiday Mondays

Gradually, bank holiday Monday roasts are becoming a thing.

There’s not many places offering one, so it is a case of DYOR, but I’ve recently had a very good bank holiday Monday roast at Barge East, and in 2022 had a equally very good one, replete with aubergine (and you thought Toby Carvery was scary) at The Bird In Hand.

Some Young’s pubs do them on a bank holiday Monday, though they can be featuring watery gravy and undercooked roasties – so be prepared for a lack of perfection.

Know of any that I’ve missed? Do add in the comments or drop me an e-mail.

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