Lawyer’s Statement

Dear Sirs As I am sure you are aware, my client, “Lord Gravy”, has been detained on a variety of spurious allegations, such as treason, disrespecting democracy and defamation of senior government advisors. These allegations are rejected forthright and wholesomely. Having spoken to him in depth this week, he would …

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Ahhh Sainsburys. We used to have a bit of a customer-corporate love affair back before Theresa May became Prime Minister. I’d write to them and express my love for them such as: Dear Sainsbury’s.It’s been a while.  I just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy I …

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Cafe Express, Northolt

Cafe Express

It happened. I moaned about it for ages and it finally happened. No I’m not talking about Brexit, but about the lack of roast dinners available in Harrow, or anything that isn’t trashy food for basic types. This week, I ordered a roast dinner from Cafe Express on Uber Eats. …

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I needed a roast dinner. So given the limited opportunities available to me, I went to Morrisons. Actually that isn’t really true. I didn’t need a roast dinner. But I did feel some compulsion and desire to write a review of a roast dinner – and I know that you …

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Saturday night and I like the way you roast, unprecedented. Don’t look at me like that. My blog, my life, my lockdown and I will do what the unprecedented fuck I want, thank you. If I want to cook a roast dinner on a Saturday night, I shall do. I …

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