Where can you find a roast dinner with mashed potato in London?

Obviously I cannot promise they still serve mashed potato - just that they served it to me, and it is a rare treat in London

The Albany, Twickenham

Loved: Gravy was sensational - worth travelling for. Really tender lamb, freshly cooked roasties and yorkie.

Loathed: The vegetables were a bit ordinary, extra gravy came in a thimble.

Rating: 8.38

Year visited: 2021

The WB Yeats, Finsbury Park

Loved: Banging red cabbage, lamb near-sensational, especially the crispy fat, fluffy yorkie, lots of different veg - plenty to like here

Loathed: Well, they aren't roast potatoes. I enjoyed them, but they still aren't roast potatoes.

Rating: 8.28

Year visited: 2024

The White Horse, Harrow

Loved: Proper amounts of seasoning, especially pepper, good gravy, creamy mashed potato. Proper homemade style roast dinner.

Loathed: Yorkie was too crispy but I've had far worse.

Rating: 8.23

Year visited: 2023

The Bobbin, Clapham

Loved: Crispy roast potatoes! In London! Tasty crackling, good carrots...

Loathed: Nothing really. Pork belly was good - but I think they could do better.

Rating: 8.12

Year visited: 2022

The Hand Of Glory, Dalston

Loved: Mashed potato was super-tasty with a creamy consistency and garlicky flavour. Nice, homely pub too.

Loathed: Topside of beef was bland and over-cooked, Yorkshire pudding was as crap as it looks.

Rating: 7.82

Year visited: 2018