I see you on the edge of the M25, or hell, outside of the M25, wondering whether you can get your hands on roast dinner kits with nationwide delivery.

The answer is yes. Yes you can.

Here is the list of places that I am aware of. Some don’t offer a roast dinner every week, some change their offerings around special weekends like Valentine’s Day (yuck). Some might withdraw their offering. I do not promise this to be up to date.

If you know of somewhere for me to add, please e-mail me or message me on one of the usual social channels.

Roast Dinner Kits With Nationwide Delivery. The list. The heading of the list.

Aktar Islam. Argentinian Sirloin Roast Dinner (1kg) for 4 people, £65 from Birmingham. Yeah, not London.

Woodkraft. From Cheltenham, delivering a Sunday roast box with dessert for £20. Minimum order £40 – but they do other meals also. Their website is a bit weird on desktop.

Blacklock. World-beating. Order now. You actually really need to do this. Read my review of Blacklock At Home here. That dessert too…oh my.

Blacklock roast dinner kit
The best sex available during lockdown if you are single. Or married.

Jimmy’s Popups. This is a 3 course meal, including a Sunday roast, in a cook at home box. £70 seems to be the minimum order. Read my review of Jimmy’s Popups here.

Sam’s Chop Shop (Manchester). Chef-ready meal kits delivered nationwide – roasts with dessert around £18 plus delivery. Tons of food with this one, and you can order just one roast – read my review here.

Roasted by Jack Blumenthal and Scott Perkins. Roast dinners in a box for £28.50 – not sure if that includes dessert and/or delivery. Guess I’ll find out when I order one.

Noble House Prepared. Frozen roast dinners – but probably a lot better.

Townsend. Chicken, beef or pork in a box – with all the ingredients you’d expect…except a yorkie. A bit more effort involved in cooking this one.

Darby’s. £50 for a 3 course meal for 2 people, including Sunday roast of course. I think the menu changes every week.

Hawksmoor At Home. Roast boxes from £50 for 2 people. This is very good – read my review here.

I’m sure there are more – please enlighten me!

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