People’s Roast Vote 3

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Nominations are now open for People’s Roast Vote 3.

If there is somewhere that you really want me to review, add it to the comments below.

Once 16 places have been nominated, I will initiate voting on Twitter.

Last time democracy failed me – don’t let this happen again.


  • One nomination per person. Nominate more than one and I will choose which one to add.
  • It must be in London.
  • It must serve roast dinners.
  • I must not already have reviewed it.
  • Nominate somewhere in Wimbledon again and I will urinate on you.

Yeah I realised one month later that I hadn’t allowed comments.

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Spread the gravy


  1. I hate all roasts

  2. Black Prince, Kennington

  3. The Crown & Sceptre, Streatham Hill – roast: £7.50 😀

  4. The other Wheatsheaf. Borough.

  5. Hollywood Arms, Chelsea

  6. Lore of the Land
    4 Conway St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 6BB

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