My friends…do you remember democracy?

You voted for New Labour, you voted for the Tories, you voted for Brexit, you voted for the Tories, you voted for the Tories again, you voted to send me to Wimbledon, and then you voted to send me to Wimbledon again.

You do still believe in democracy, right?

So this is another attempt at a People’s Roast Vote. Yes, you can decide where I go for a roast dinner one Sunday. The first time you sent me to The Alexandra in Wimbledon – a damn good roast. The second time you sent me to The Hand In Hand, in Wimbledon – a damn damned roast. What had I done to you?

The third time, I forgot to allow comments on the page, then everyone’s now second-least favourite dictatorship didn’t release a virus, and I kind of forgot about democracy.

So, how does it work?

  1. You write where you would like me to go in the comments on this page.
  2. I gather all the nominations that are on the page comments. And all those tweeted to me. And all those messaged to me. And all the other ways you sent them to me, instead of nicely having them all on one page because…humans. Though, seriously, tweeting me is fine but I just don’t promise to remember every single tweeted recommendation.
  3. I do a World Cup style voting thing.
  4. I go for a roast dinner at the winning place.
  5. I slate democracy.
  6. Oh and I’ll give £2.00 to the DEC’s Ukraine appeal for every nomination, up to a maximum of 32. There is no way I’ll get 12 nominations let alone 32, but just in case.
  7. Oh and you can only nominate ONE place. If you nominate more than one, I will just choose whichever I fancy most.
  8. These rules are going on a bit.
  9. Oh, I won’t accept any that I’ve already reviewed.
  10. And, yeah, they must be in LONDON. This is Roast Dinners In LONDON.
  11. You’d like to think it is obvious, but they must serve roast dinners. Yeah, people in the past have nominated places that don’t serve roast dinners.
  12. Nominations will close whenever I get sufficient nominations to do a World Cup voting thing – 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 – etc.
  13. Voting will take place over the course of a week. Depending on when I can be bothered.

Got it?

Get nominating. Where would you most like me to review?

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9 responses to “People’s Roast Vote 3.1

  1. There’s quite a few I’d like you to go to but I reckon you’ll eventually try the new Hawksmoor in Wood Wharf anyway (and if you won’t, it’s on my list) so I want to send you to Sir Ian McKellen’s Pub The Grapes in Limehouse (nearest DLR stop is Westferry). It doesn’t mention it has Sunday roasts on its website, but trust me, it does, and they are enormously affordable (£13.95 at last look). It’s not always the same meats every week, and you can’t book a table, so you’ve got to be early as the pub is cosy and popular (you eat on wooden barrels upstairs). But it’s worth it for the best gravy you’ll ever have! Don’t forget to take a photo of Gandalf’s staff from the movie which is behind the counter next to the crisp packets.

  2. The Royal Oak, New Malden. Used to be awful, but is now apparently very good so need you to road test it!

  3. The Furzedown twixt Streatham and Tooting – only because it’s at the end of the road where I’ve just bought a flat 🙂

  4. I nominate the Mayflower Pub on Rotherhithe st.

    It has waterside seating and the summer is just around the corner. May make for a better afternoon than a meal but who knows?

  5. Mr Ji in Soho. After the success of your indian roast, perhaps a cantonese twist will be just as nice!

  6. The George, 55 Great Portland St, London W1W 7LQ
    Just been redone and the new food looks delicious!

  7. The Lord Tredegar, 50 Lichfield Rd, London E3 5AL.

    Closest station: Mile End (Central, District, H&C). Was a firm favourite of mine when I lived in the East End. Ask for a table in the original pub part, or the garden if it’s nice. There’s an extension-y bit at the back which is not as nice.

  8. You need to try Parkside Brasserie in Havering. It’s amazing and you’ve not got any recommendations for Havering despite it being in London! It’s so worth a visit!

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