People’s Roast Vote 2

Absolutely zero people have requested another People’s Roast Vote so I have taken that as instruction that you want me to get on and hold another People’s Roast Vote.

Yes, it is a second vote on the same thing – who’d have thought that possible? Albeit I did actually enact the last vote with a trip to The Alexandra in Wimbledon – a likely winner from the off with their strong social media presence, and a very good roast dinner it was too.

The first step is that I need your recommendations. Please leave a comment on this post with where you would like me to go for a roast dinner one Sunday.

The second step is a series of votes. Last time I held 4 semi finals, and a final – the voting will be on Twitter where I am actually allowed 4 options in a poll.

The final step will be my visit and my review – this will be on a Sunday of my choice in the month or two after. Don’t expect it straight away.

Rules? Of course there are a few rules.

  1. Only one nomination per person. Nominate more than one and I will choose which one to add.
  2. Nominations must be added to the comments section on this page only.
  3. I will ignore any suggestions that are preposterous/outside of London/too expensive/Wetherspoons/anywhere I’m saving for a special occasion like Blacklock.
  4. They must actually sell roast dinners. Yes someone nominated a place last time that didn’t.
  5. I must not have been there already. Check my league table if you are unsure.

Get your thinking caps on – where would you most like to see me review?


Lord Gravy, how can I thank you?

Maybe I've made you laugh, hopefully I've helped you find somewhere awesome to go for a roast dinner. Maybe you just pity me.

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