Ever thought that you’d like to be as cool as me and have your own roast dinner blog? You know, an actual blog that people read, not just a crappy Instagram page.

Then thought that it sounded like a lot of effort to set up.

Well, I’m offering a franchise opportunity. For the princely sum of £50, you will get a copy of my website as part of my Roast Dinners network, with all the same branding (which will be upgraded later in the year) with a league table and all the customised bits and bobs.

You will need to supply a domain name. Nothing more.

The idea is that we will grow a network of roast dinner reviewers across the country, so whenever you go elsewhere in the country you will be able to find a cracking roast dinner.

Only rule is – don’t be my competition. Hence I won’t be accepting anyone reviewing roast dinners in London.

So, if this idea has tickled you and you want to be part of the roast dinner reviewing gang for your part of the UK, hit me up.

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