This is probably going to be the most exciting offer that you’ve had this hour.

The chance to choose where I go for a roast dinner.

The plan:

1. My followers recommend where I should go by leaving a comment on this page.
2. I remove any suggestions that are preposterous/outside of London/too expensive/Wetherspoons/anywhere I’m saving for a special occasion like Blacklock.
3. If there are more than 4 still left, I’ll use the random number generator to select the 4 finalists.
4. You vote on the final 4.
5. I go to the winner of your vote on a Sunday of my choice.

Two lots of democracy! Crazy, eh?

So, suggest wisely (or really fucking unwisely if you must), please leave your suggestions in the comments below and we shall see how democracy really works.

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21 responses to “Choose My Life

  1. Highgate N6: choose from The Wrestlers, Red Lion and Sun or The Garehouse. All really really good!

    1. 3 options! Well I have just added Red Lion And Sun to my to-do list this morning from a recommendation of a friend. Thanks!

  2. Cow and Pig in Bromley. You can get there only using Oyster so it def counts. They do a mixed meat roast.

  3. No fucking way I’m telling you. You’ll publish a bastard review on it and then it’ll be packed

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