Where can you find the best roast potatoes in London?

Fear not, these are 5 of the restaurants/pubs in London that serve cracking roast potatoes. At least they did when I visited!

Blacklock, Shoreditch

Loved: Everything. It's the best roast in London - amazing gravy, great roasties, wonderful service.,

Loathed: Erm...too much food? I've had fluffier roasties...once or twice.

Rating: 9.29

Year visited: 2019

The Ladbroke Arms, Holland Park

Loved: The pork belly and cabbage were particularly sensational - like unimprovably superb. The roast potatoes and carrots were also excellent.

Loathed: Well...the Yorkie wasn't so good. Gravy I only liked as was more tomato-based than proper gravy.

Rating: 9.05

Year visited: 2022

The Red Lion & Sun, Highgate

Loved: Roast potatoes were actually excellent, suckling pig was dreamy, the jus really grew on me - it aged really well. Great pub too.

Loathed: Small plates, tiny jus thimbles and blunt knives. Nothing about the food itself though!

Rating: 8.70

Year visited: 2023

The Gipsy Queen, Kentish Town

Loved: Fresh, eggy and properly fluffy Yorkie, very good roasties, beef close to divine and thick gravy. Wow.

Loathed: Roast potatoes a bit done earlier, but still very good.

Rating: 8.68

Year visited: 2019

Roast dinner at The Gipsy Queen

The Black Lion, Kilburn

Loved: The gravy. THE gravy. Gloriously thick, meaty and improved a very good roast. Roasties pretty crispy, veg good, and a gorgeous ceiling. Oh, and very affordable.

Loathed: Lamb was good enough but improvable. The pigs in blankets (which were a side) had been cremated.

Rating: 8.55

Year visited: 2022