Here find the best roast dinners that I have so far found in south-west London. Do add in the comments if you know of anywhere better!

Note that I am classing south-west London as anywhere in the boroughs of Merton, Richmond upon Thames, Kingston and Wandsworth.

Clapham is south London. Not south-west. Just like Newcastle isn't north England - its north-east. Stick a roast potato in ya ass and sue me if you don't like it.

The Albany, Twickenham

Loved: Gravy was sensational - worth travelling for. Really tender lamb, freshly cooked roasties and yorkie.

Loathed: The vegetables were a bit ordinary, extra gravy came in a thimble.

Rating: 8.38

Year visited: 2021

The Selkirk, Tooting

Loved: Gravy was excellent and they even brought over a shot of gravy for dessert. Carrot and swede mash really creamy, and the un-crispy roast potatoes actually good.

Loathed: Nothing really...except they worked out who I was!

Rating: 8.24

Year visited: 2018

Heidi, Balham

Loved: Everything was good or better, but the creamed cabbage was particularly gorgeous

Loathed: Well I was still hungry afterwards - and the seating isn't really made for dining.

Rating: 8.05

Year visited: 2021

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Loved: Cabbage and pork belly were very good.

Loathed: No crackling on the pork belly,

Rating: 8.04

Year visited: 2018

The Prince’s Head, Richmond

Loved: Plump chicken and consistent roast-improving gravy.

Loathed: Unremarkable vegetables.

Rating: 8.00

Year visited: 2017