Oh poor east London, the area of London with the least places reviewed and a fair scattering of rubbish roasts too. However, there are a few gems to be found too.

And yeah, Shoreditch counts as east London. My blog. My rules.

These are the current best roast dinners in east London:

Blacklock, Shoreditch

Loved: Everything. It's the best roast in London - amazing gravy, great roasties, wonderful service.,

Loathed: Erm...too much food? I've had fluffier roasties...once or twice.

Rating: 9.29

Year visited: 2019

Clapton Country Club, Clapton

Loved: Great venue, friendly staff, red wine gravy plentiful and tasty, creamed leeks and parsnips also particularly good.

Loathed: Jazz music. There's imperfections like roasties not being crispy on the outside, or crackling being a bit rubbery, but nothing to loathe per se. Cavelo nero was a tad chewy.

Rating: 8.15

Year visited: 2023

The Star Of The East, Poplar

Loved: Best yorkie of the year so far, good consistency on the gravy, chicken super succulent and parsnips unusually flavoursome. It's affordable too.

Loathed: Roasties seemed a tad deep-fried, gravy could have had more flavour, pigs in blankets were cremated somewhat. Imperfections really.

Rating: 8.14

Year visited: 2023

Goodman, Canary Wharf

Loved: The beef was pretty special (exceptionally so if you ordered the striploin), and the vegetables mostly were up there, bar the cabbage.

Loathed: Too many missed opportunities – the blandest gravy ever, the toughest cabbage for a long time, and roasties that tasted glorious – yet were somewhat old and chewy.

Rating: 8.09

Year visited: 2023

The Nelson’s, Bethnal Green

Loved: Gloriously thick home-made gravy, sexy pork belly and a decent yorkie too. Oh...and lots of cock on the wall.

Loathed: Well, the roast potatoes weren't to like - but also in the grand scheme of shit roasties in London, they were...passable if a bit burnt.

Rating: 8.08

Year visited: 2023