Where can you find the best roast chicken in London?

The 5 places with the tastiest, plumpiest chicken on a roast dinner in London

The George, The Strand

Loved: The plumpest, juiciest chicken, C.R.I.S.P.Y R.O.A.S.T P.O.T.A.T.O.E.S, the best cauliflower cheese dish in London and the wonderful parsnip mash with mustard seeds. This was just sooooo gorgeous a roast.

Loathed: Nothing. I guess the carrots and cabbage were only good rather than great.

Rating: 9.02

Year visited: 2018

The Gladstone Arms, Borough

Loved: Everything. Plump, juicy chicken, crispy roast potatoes, fluffy Yorkie and tons of flavour. Indian flavour.

Loathed: Well. Is it a roast dinner? It comes with a spicy sauce - not gravy. Your call I guess.

Rating: 8.47

Year visited: 2022

The Star Of The East, Poplar

Loved: Best yorkie of the year so far, good consistency on the gravy, chicken super succulent and parsnips unusually flavoursome. It's affordable too.

Loathed: Roasties seemed a tad deep-fried, gravy could have had more flavour, pigs in blankets were cremated somewhat. Imperfections really.

Rating: 8.14

Year visited: 2023

The Duchess, Marylebone

Loved: Meats were particularly good - juicy chicken supreme, great texture on pork leg and silky beef.

Loathed: Yorkshire pudding was just a huge mass of dried-out batter that had been sitting under a heat lamp for far too long.

Rating: 8.13

Year visited: 2023

The Hereford Arms, Gloucester Road

Loved: Buttery braised leek, imperfect roasties but tasted glorious in duck fat, corn-fed chicken was plump and yorkie was unusually excellent.

Loathed: Gravy was too gloopy and salty.

Rating: 8.03

Year visited: 2017