Where can you find the best roast beef in London?

The classic roast dinner has beef on the plate - but where in London has the best beef on a roast dinner? This is 5 of the best:

The Gipsy Queen, Kentish Town

Loved: Fresh, eggy and properly fluffy Yorkie, very good roasties, beef close to divine and thick gravy. Wow.

Loathed: Roast potatoes a bit done earlier, but still very good.

Rating: 8.68

Year visited: 2019

Roast dinner at The Gipsy Queen

12:51, Highbury

Loved: Excellent beef, cauliflower truffle cheese was top notch, the hispi cabbage was ace too.

Loathed: Space constraints, really difficult to get extra gravy - roasties could have been softer.

Rating: 8.44

Year visited: 2022

The Baring, Islington

Loved: Everything, more or less. The inside of the yorkie was soooo fluffy, and the beef was sexual.

Loathed: Well the roasties could have done with a little chuffing, and the yorkie was burnt - and tasted so in parts.

Rating: 8.42

Year visited: 2023

L’Escargot, Soho

Loved: Beef rib was superb, yorkie was fluffy, cabbage was so buttery and the whole experience was a delight.

Loathed: Roasties could have been better (tis always the case though), and the tomato-base of the gravy wasn't my cup of tea - though there was nothing wrong with it, and it had a good consistency.

Rating: 8.27

Year visited: 2024

The Duchess, Marylebone

Loved: Meats were particularly good - juicy chicken supreme, great texture on pork leg and silky beef.

Loathed: Yorkshire pudding was just a huge mass of dried-out batter that had been sitting under a heat lamp for far too long.

Rating: 8.13

Year visited: 2023