Where can you find the best pork belly in London?

When done properly, pork belly is the most gluttonously gorgeous meat on a roast dinner. Here's 5 of the very best in London:

The Ladbroke Arms, Holland Park

Loved: The pork belly and cabbage were particularly sensational - like unimprovably superb. The roast potatoes and carrots were also excellent.

Loathed: Well...the Yorkie wasn't so good. Gravy I only liked as was more tomato-based than proper gravy.

Rating: 9.05

Year visited: 2022

The Prince, Stoke Newington

Loved: Good roast potatoes, a well-balanced and enjoyable selection of vegetables, succulent pork belly, thick gravy, good beer list, gorgeous dogs, nice people serving - there's a lot to like here.

Loathed: More a case of imperfections - yorkie was a bit overdone, the pork belly was a bit too tough/dry in parts, the cauliflower cheese could do with a little more cream and cheese - and the gravy flavour did tire a tad.

Rating: 8.29

Year visited: 2023

The Footman, Mayfair

Loved: Pork belly was magnificent, gravy was proper gravy and some of the best roast potatoes ever.

Loathed: Myself. I was in a self-inflicted fragile, incapable state, and could barely eat. You can guess why. Oh and the Yorkshire pudding was brittle.

Rating: 8.15

Year visited: 2018

The Bull & Last, Dartmouth Park

Loved: The succulent pork belly and the imagination shown, especially for the Choucroute. And the whole venue was glorious.

Loathed: Roast potatoes were total crud. Also, £6.80 for a pint. Ouch.

Rating: 8.14

Year visited: 2020

The Bull And Last Sunday Roast

The Nelson’s, Bethnal Green

Loved: Gloriously thick home-made gravy, sexy pork belly and a decent yorkie too. Oh...and lots of cock on the wall.

Loathed: Well, the roast potatoes weren't to like - but also in the grand scheme of shit roasties in London, they were...passable if a bit burnt.

Rating: 8.08

Year visited: 2023