Where is the best gravy in London?

Oh Lord Gravy, you are the best, but where is the best gravy in London?

Blacklock, Shoreditch

Loved: Everything. It's the best roast in London - amazing gravy, great roasties, wonderful service.,

Loathed: Erm...too much food? I've had fluffier roasties...once or twice.

Rating: 9.29

Year visited: 2019

The Gipsy Queen, Kentish Town

Loved: Fresh, eggy and properly fluffy Yorkie, very good roasties, beef close to divine and thick gravy. Wow.

Loathed: Roast potatoes a bit done earlier, but still very good.

Rating: 8.68

Year visited: 2019

Roast dinner at The Gipsy Queen

Wood Street Bar & Restaurant, Barbican

Loved: Proper sexy, northern gravy. Unbeatable vegetables. Astounding flavour to meat. Yeah...delicious.

Loathed: Erm, the neighbours? The yorkie was a bit meh.

Rating: 8.65

Year visited: 2020

Blacklock, Soho

Loved: Gravy was excellent, roast potatoes were sex, cauliflower cheese was top notch, that cheesecake ohhhhhh...and some outstanding service

Loathed: Yorkshire pudding too crispy and a tad burnt, beef rump was good but not as special as expected.

Rating: 8.48

Year visited: 2021

The Albany, Twickenham

Loved: Gravy was sensational - worth travelling for. Really tender lamb, freshly cooked roasties and yorkie.

Loathed: The vegetables were a bit ordinary, extra gravy came in a thimble.

Rating: 8.38

Year visited: 2021