Where can you find the best cauliflower cheese on a Sunday roast (well, maybe as a side dish) in London?

The George, The Strand

Loved: The plumpest, juiciest chicken, C.R.I.S.P.Y R.O.A.S.T P.O.T.A.T.O.E.S, the best cauliflower cheese dish in London and the wonderful parsnip mash with mustard seeds. This was just sooooo gorgeous a roast.

Loathed: Nothing. I guess the carrots and cabbage were only good rather than great.

Rating: 9.02

Year visited: 2018

Blacklock, Soho

Loved: Gravy was excellent, roast potatoes were sex, cauliflower cheese was top notch, that cheesecake ohhhhhh...and some outstanding service

Loathed: Yorkshire pudding too crispy and a tad burnt, beef rump was good but not as special as expected.

Rating: 8.48

Year visited: 2021

12:51, Highbury

Loved: Excellent beef, cauliflower truffle cheese was top notch, the hispi cabbage was ace too.

Loathed: Space constraints, really difficult to get extra gravy - roasties could have been softer.

Rating: 8.44

Year visited: 2022

Bar & Block, King’s Cross

Loved: Soft and spongey yorkie, good cauliflower cheese and really tender sirloin. Surprisingly good for a chain.

Loathed: Very thin and watery gravy with a slightly oily texture.

Rating: 8.34

Year visited: 2017

Bar & Block, King's Cross

Whole Beast @ The Fat Walrus, New Cross

Loved: Tons of flavour. Smokey chicken, smokey hispi, wow gravy from the chicken juices that was actually thick - and sensational cauliflower cheese.

Loathed: Roast potatoes needed a bit of chuffing, but were crispy on the outside. Carrots and chicken possibly on the cheap side - chicken was notably thin in quantity (though still a whole chicken to share!).

Rating: 8.22

Year visited: 2023