Hey there.

For some reason you’ve thought about wanting to advertise on this website. I guess you probably sell roast dinners.

It could be ideal for a small business looking for an affordable way to spread the message about their offering, to a local audience without getting ripped off by Facebook or Google – maybe you hate the technology giants and refuse to give them any more money. Just think, you’d be supporting a local person who is already supporting local pubs/restaurants.

The site currently gets around 900 unique visitors a month, most people stick around to read a couple of reviews – no great shakes but most of these visitors will be people who like eating out.

55% of visitors are from London, close to 80% from the UK – those who are not in London can often be future potential visitors. I am also rather popular in Chicago…I have no idea why and that isn’t really very helpful to you.

Prices are just £10 a week, or £25 for a full month.

If you need the banner creating, I can do that for £20 too – but bear in mind that I am not a designer (though I am a web developer). You might be better off using Fivr instead and getting someone from a foreign country to copy someone else’s work.

Anyway, drop me a message on passmethegravy@rdldn.co.uk should you be interested.

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