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I’m just some fat, ugly, northern tosser with an opinion larger than a decent Yorkshire pudding.

It has become my duty to find the best and worst roast dinners in London.  I rate and review so you know where to go. And I review honestly. No paid fake shit blagger reviews. You may disagree with my opinion, horses for courses and all that. But it will be exactly what I think.

Almost every Sunday, I head out to a chosen pub, normally from my to-do list, often chosen at random, and enjoy a nice, fat roast dinner. Or sometimes a poncey, expensive gash of a roast dinner. By Monday, maybe Tuesday, the review is up and you can laugh/cry/enjoy/swear until your heart is content.

The to-do list is mostly made up of recommendations to me, a few from those “10 best roast dinners from restaurants that do not sponsor us at all, honestly” articles, and then some that have just followed me on Twitter – that kind of thing.

I’m trying not to add too many more as it is getting out of hand – as I write this, I am not far off 150 on my to-do list, and I can only review one a week.

If you want to get in touch, do feel free.  Maybe you want to give me a recommendation, maybe you are a hot Spanish woman and want to go on a date.  Maybe you just want to give me some good old abuse.  Or send me a picture of your dick.  Go for it – click here to e-mail me.

This is quite a boring about page, isn’t it?

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Spread the gravy


  1. You’re back! Hurray! You must go to The Jugged Hare and Mac & Wild X

  2. you crack me up

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