People’s Roast or Mystery Roast Club, call it what you want but there will be no democracy involved.

Fairly simple premise, the opportunity to join me and other followers one Sunday for a roast dinner, doing exactly what I do every Sunday.

Interested? Read this:

  1. Use the form near the bottom of the page to subscribe to Mystery Roast Club updates. It is a carrot-coloured box.
  2. I will e-mail you occasionally with a date – roughly a month or so in advance. There may be limits on numbers, depending on the venue, so it will be on a first come, first served basis…though I doubt it will be that popular.
  3. I will choose where we are going via random number generator – like I do most Sundays. It could be amazing – it could be dreadful.
  4. You will not find out where the Sunday roast is until the day before.
  5. You might have to pay a deposit. This will depend on numbers and the venue’s policy. I appreciate this means giving money to some random tosser on the internet and trust he doesn’t run away with it and spend it all on drugs and hookers. I won’t, but it’s up to you whether you trust me.
  6. It will be unlikely to be anywhere super-popular like Blacklock.
  7. It won’t be anywhere too expensive, likely under £20 – certainly under £25.
  8. I won’t choose anywhere in the outer reaches of London, but do be prepared to travel to places like Hackney, Peckham, Clapham, Islington, etc. I will be careful to try to ensure it is somewhere with no planned tube/rail closures that weekend.
  9. I repeat the most important part – you won’t find out where it is until the day before. Hence the name “Mystery Roast Club”.

Rules If Attending:

  1. Please do not mention who I am, or that I am reviewing the place until the food arrives. After that – say what you want.
  2. I’m hoping there will be more than middle-aged remoaner blokes around the table – please respect other people.
  3. Turn up on time.
  4. Turn up.
  5. Don’t be an arsehole.

The mailing list is run through Mailchimp so all data is stored on their server. You will only receive e-mails about Mystery Roast Club by signing up. There is a separate mailing list should you want to receive notification when I post a new review.

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