Not everyone in the world wants to be like me. Which may surprise you. Whilst I will travel the whole of London to try to find the best roast dinner in London – you might just be looking for “roasts near me”.

And I can help you in your search for “roasts near me”.

The first option for you is to use my map.

I assume that you know where you live – you will be able to see little markers on the map with a score – anything above a 7 is a credible, anything above an 8 is pretty damn impressive. Clicking on the little icon will give you the name, a link to my review and the exact score.

Alternatively, you could try my League Of Roasts.

League table, to help find "roasts near me".

This also includes buttons at the top so you could, for example, show the tube station that is closest (or the one I used where multiple tube stations are close).

League Table showing nearest tube station, to help find "roasts near me".

Two handy ways to find the answer to “roasts near me”.

There is one final, risky way. And that is to use my to-do list map – which is the venues that I plan to go to one day. You won’t know whether it will be any good – but many are recommendations that I’ve received.

Then again – some people would recommend Toby Carvery. Google’s robots better love this post.

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