Saturday night and I like the way you roast, unprecedented. Don’t look at me like that. My blog, my life, my lockdown and I will do what the unprecedented fuck I want, thank you. If I want to cook a roast dinner on a Saturday night, I shall do. I …

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Rotunda, King’s Cross

Everything is cancelled. The world has stopped. But I’m still going around, around a round round round to Rotunda in King’s Cross. Sigh. This might be the last review for some time but hopefully I’ll make your eyes roll enough to vaguely miss me. I’m almost a Brexit-free zone now, …

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Brasserie Blanc, Southbank

So far in 2020 on my roast dinner adventures, I have survived rail replacement buses, Coronavirus, a Brexit roast, stabby council estates, storm Keeeeeeerrrah, getting wet several times, crossing a minor swamp and nearly entering a flat-roofed pub. This Sunday I went to Brasserie Blanc on Southbank. Could I survive …

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